Entry #54

Trey Spade

2014-04-29 12:45:31 by Slackman

This morning we released Trey Spade Redux! Go check it out!


I suppose it deserves a bit of explanation. This short was released before on NG. I've been showing it around, and someone suggested that while it was good it would benefit from some editing. The goal was to go in, streamline the short and cut out the fat. We lost some stuff I liked, but the short is snappier and funnier than before. Some shoddy audio was cut and nearly all of the dialogue was retimed.

To answer your next question, we HAVE started production on a BRAND SPIFFY NEW SHORT! We've been hard at work producing a pitch based on the original shorts and in doing so revamped a lot of the artwork from the ground up. The new short's artwork is being adapted from the new style. So far it's been fully written and storyboarded. We're working on backgrounds and key poses at the moment.

If you'd like more Trey to hold you over, you can check out our facebook page or our brand new website!




Hopefully we'll have some more original content soon, but until then you'll just have to enjoy this delightfully rehashed noir adventure!


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2014-04-30 01:34:39

Fucking SWEET! I really dig you guys and Trey (the lovable scumbag type is one of my favorites) and can't wait to see more of him and you guys' stuff here on NG and the rest of the web.